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Autumn vacation in Salzburg province

5 good reasons for autumn nesting & enjoying

When the leaves slowly change color, the days become shorter again and a particularly magical atmosphere sweeps across the country, then the clocks also tick slower again at our hotel. Autumn is here and with it the time of contemplation and natural enjoyment. Changing with nature and getting closer to yourself step by step – now is the best time for it.

Time of pleasure in the hiking and wellness hotel Gassner 4* superior

Scenic sunrises in the morning meet relaxing evenings in front of the carmine. The refreshing jump into our natural lake is followed by warming sauna sessions and the plate shows the whole variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs from the garden. On quite a few autumn-refreshing hikes you may feel as if the mountains are opening up to you all by themselves. The finest views go hand in hand with colorful natural spectacles, mystical forests and gently rippling mountain streams. With renewing time out in the Crystal- und GardenSPA,  pampering treatments and finest culinary. A timeout all about change and consciously focusing on yourself and what you need most at the moment.
Summer vacation

Coming here

to focus on the essentials right

For us, true luxury consists of bringing the inside into harmony with the outside. To let movement and relaxation go hand in hand, to be able to choose wisely and to unfold freely in the lightness of being. No either or. No for or against something. To be SIMPLE and simply BE. Real and authentic, with everything that is and may still become.


to renew itself:

After we have given you the key for one of our 49 lovingly furnished rooms and suites, the cozy Gassner tree house you may let go of everything that still weighs you down. Take a breath and let go. Turn inward and perceive what is revealed. Time for yourself and completely new paths. Here you will find your own personal refuge to snuggle up and nestle.

Come down

to recognize the true luxury:

Surrounded by the relaxing scent of stone pine, the grounding energy of Rauris natural stones, the invigorating blue water and the comforting warmth of the sauna, you will definitely find it easy to bring yourself into the present moment. Find your own favorite place in our spacious Crystal- and GardenSPA on more than 1,200 m² with natural lake, indoor pool and sauna oasis and enjoy the true essence of wellbeing.

Set off

to find strength and inspiration:
As a member of the best hiking hotels in the Alps, we are all about being outside. On 5 – 7 guided hikes we would like to introduce you to the endless expanses of the mountain world and show you personally how renewing it can be when the power fields of the Alps lead you back to your natural origins. Immerse yourself in the changing nature and enjoy the unique atmosphere on the mountain.


to enjoy the sensuality of life:
The diversity of a nature-loving holiday in Salzburger Land is naturally also reflected on our plates. Sensual, seductive and in harmony with nature. Creative, authentic – pure inter-regional enjoyment. Our kitchen team ensures unique moments of pleasure with exquisite products and fresh herbs from the garden and convinces with a lot of sensitivity how good it is to enjoy with us.

Letting go of the old and taking completely new paths – for us, this is the essence of renewal.

Walk with us through this colourful season and experience for yourself how beautiful it is to be in autumn with us. We are here for you until 15 October 2022 and look forward to a delightful timeout with you.
feel good & enjoy

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