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In order to be future-proof, our current website has been developed for the latest technologies. Therefore, unfortunately, the following problems may occur with old browsers:

To keep the website working properl, we recommend downloading one of these up-to-date and free browsers:

Why you urgently need an up-to-date browser:


Recent browsers provide better protection against fraud, viruses, Trojans, data theft and other threats to your privacy and security. Newer browsers close security holes that can allow attackers to get into your computer.


Each new generation of browsers improves the speed at which web pages are displayed.


The techniques used on modern websites are better supported by up-to-date browsers. This increases functionality and improves the display.

Comfort and performance

With new features, enhancements and better customisability, you’ll be able to surf the web faster and easier.

Can’t get an update?

If you can’t update your old browser due to compatibility issues, a second browser may be a good solution: use the new one for more comfortable browsing and the old one only in case of incompatibilities. If you are using a business computer and you cannot install a new browser yourself, ask your network administrator for a browser update.

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