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Hiking for Mountaineers

Unique mountain experiences & far-reaching views

“Hans-Peter, as a hiking guide, I’m sure you have some nice tour tips for our more demanding hikers.”

“Yes, my favourite hike leads to Foiskar See and Seebach See in the Obersulzbachtal. Here on the Seebachscharte you have a wonderful view of the Großvendiger and the Großer Geiger.

The glacier trail in the Obersulzbachtal, a hike to the Kürsingerhütte and a summit climb on the Zwölferkogel are also among my favourites.

Those who want to capture the Großvenediger can fulfil even this steep dream with us at the Hotel Gassner.”

Hans-Peter Gassner
hiking guide &
chief of the hotel

Hotel Gassner - Wandern in Winter

“Hans-Peter, the Kitzbühel Alps are not as impressive as the peaks in the Hohe Tauern National Park, but no less interesting. Where do you particularly like to hike with our guests?”

“Exactly, also in the Kitzbühel Alps you will find many highly rewarding tours with precious summit moments and a cosy break in the alpine hut.

One of the most beautiful hiking trails definitely leads to the summit of the Wildkogel. I have also often conquered the Frühmessergipfel together with our guests.

The high-altitude hike to the Roßgruberkogel on the Resterhöhe is of course also a very special experience.”

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