National Park Worlds Mittersill

World of experience around the Großglockner

The Hohe Tauern National Park Centre in Mittersill was opened on 28 July 2007. This has created an impressive, and in this form probably unique, alpine world of experience around Austria’s highest peak, the Großglockner. Another 266 three-thousand-metre peaks, more than 342 glaciers and one of the most powerful waterfalls of all are also located in the area of the Hohe Tauern National Park.

Here, the incredible diversity of the largest protected area in the Alps can be explored in a condensed space in the “natural areas”. The eagle flight panorama, for example, is extremely impressive, allowing visitors to glide over the landscapes, valleys and peaks in a flight. This is what freedom must feel like!

Our tip: With the Nationalpark WinterCard you get a 25% discount on your entrance fee in winter. We will gladly hand out the Nationalpark WinterCard to you at the reception.

Unique adventure cinema

The adventure cinema makes the formation of the mountains a tangible experience in time-lapse. This is ensured, among other things, by a 270-degree projection and a powerful surround sound. Experience the mighty roar of avalanches and the powerful roar of waterfalls directly and up close!

In addition, you should definitely experience the 360-degree panorama cinema, where you can see the Hohe Tauern as if you were on top of a three-thousand-metre mountain.

Only nature itself is better than this nature experience in the Mittersill National Park Centre. You absolutely have to experience it!


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