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Obersulzbach Valley

The valley of the red stones

The Obersulzbach Valley is a true hiker’s paradise! The new Venediger Trail offers great experiences for young and grown-up alike, the Glacier Learning Trail at the head of the valley illustrates the evolution of the glacier. More wonderful tours and walks like here can be found almost nowhere else in the region. From easy to very demanding – here every mountain lover will get his full reward…

Things to know

Nine glaciers are located in the Obersulzbach catchment area. The largest of these is the Obersulzbach-Kees, which once formed the valley.

From the glacier area comes the water of the Obersulzbach river. Das meiste Wasser fließt dabei in den Sommermonaten. Faszinierend und zu Naturdenkmälern erklärt sind auch die Wasserfälle: the Gamseck-Waterfall at the Berndlalm (over 80 m high) and nearby the Seebach-Waterfall, a 300-metre-high veil fall.

The alpine fauna can be observed at its best in the Obersulzbachtal. The ibex, already extinct, were reintroduced to the Obersulzbach Valley in 1978.


  • Großvenediger (3,666 m) ascent with mountain guide bookable, 2 full days with 3 Tour selection options:
    • Standard tour: 299 Euro per person (ascent Großvenediger via normal route)
    • Premium tour: 499 euros per person (ascent via west ridge, difficulty level 2)
    • Deluxe tour: 549 euros per person (ascent via north ridge, difficulty level 3-4)
  • Großer Geiger (3.360 m)
  • Schlieferspitze (3.290 m)
  • Gamsspitzl (2.888 m)
  • Maurer Keesköpfe (3.311 m)
  • Keeskogel (3.291 m)


  • via Krimmler Törl (2,776 m) to the Warnsdorfer Hütte
  • via Maurer Törl (3,104 m) to the Essener and Rostocker Hütte (2,207 m)
  • via Obersulzbachtörl (2,918 m) to Johannis Hütte (2,121 m)
  • via Venedigerscharte (3,407 m) to Defregger Haus (2,963 m) and to the Neuen Prager Hütte (2,782 m)
  • via Bettlerscharte (2,050 m) into the Untersulzbach valley


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