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Room facilities

Wellbeing in harmony with nature

The furnishing style of our rooms and suites is characterised by individuality, naturalness and Austrian tradition. For example, Pinzgau quality wood and warm light ensure sleeping comfort and a pleasant atmosphere. Wherever possible, we work closely with partners from the surrounding area who, as responsible service providers, are exactly in line with our philosophy. We generally implement new construction and conversion work with craftsmen from the region.

Mattresses, box spring beds & couches

All our beds, mattresses and couches in the hotel come from the company Joka. JOKA is the only Austrian mattress manufacturer to have been awarded the Austrian Eco-label. For the manufacture of its products, Joka only uses wood from domestic forests whose sustainable management and preservation of the climate function is ensured.

These woods are treated only with water-soluble stains and varnishes, which, in addition to special hygiene, ensure the protection of our environment. The upholstery materials used are also environmentally friendly and only CFC-free foams are used.

Heuga carpets

Heuga carpets with impact sound insulation properties are made of particularly high-quality materials that filter suspended dust particles from the room air and thus demonstrably provide a better indoor climate, making this carpet particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.


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