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Team Gassner

Individuality & Unity

Together we are Gassner

In the dirndl and the leather one. Barefoot and in hiking boots. With matured handicraft and a lot of sensitivity. Together we are dream fulfillers, hiking guides, idea providers, well-being experts and most of all we love to be there for you personally.

Together we are one team – wonderfully honest personalities who have their hearts on the right place. A colorful team of unique characters, all of whom create a special day out of a normal one with their open, honest and courteous manner.

Would you also like to become a part of our Gassner rope team?

Click on the current jobs and training opportunities with us and browse through the numerous benefits that we and our partners offer you. We would be happy to hear from you.

Seilschafts Lodge - Mitarbeiterhaus Hotel Gassner

Welcome, I am Sonja Gassner – your contact person and answerer. Do you have any questions about our job offers and training opportunities? I’m happy to be there for you personally.

Wander- & Wellnesshotel Gassner ****Superior
Sonja Gassner ∙ Hadergasse 167 ∙ 5741 Neukirchen am Großvenediger


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