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Skincare & home-made products

Pure nature from the Alps!

In our spa we use care products from the natural cosmetics line ALPIN DERM and high-quality natural cosmetics from the Austrian family business STYX Naturcosmetic. Climate-neutral production and the renunciation of animal testing are just as much a matter as the use of old recipes paired with modern knowledge. We produce arnica oil and St. John’s wort oil, arnica liniment with fresh blossoms from the Hohe Tauern National Park ourselves.


ALPIN DERM is a high-quality and exclusive natural cosmetics line with the best from Austria’s Alps. Herbs, medicinal plants and many nutrients from the soil give us their high effectiveness and a wonderfully fresh character. The natural powers of ALPIN DERM can literally be felt on the skin and the effects of the pure herbal essences are unique. ALPIN DERM is made from certified organic raw materials and herbs. Feel, smell and sense the best of Austria’s Alps!

STYX Naturecosmetic

Hand in hand with nature: With this philosophy, the Austrian family business STYX Naturcosmetic is dedicated to the production of certified natural cosmetics – and has been for more than fifty years! Highest quality, plant-based raw materials from organic cultivation or wild growth and the renunciation of animal testing are the focus of all STYX products.

Homemade 0-km products from our hotel

It tastes best when you make it yourself:

  • Arnica ointment and Arnica liniment
  • Wound ointment and St. John’s wort oil
  • all jams (also those from the breakfast buffet) – strawberry, apricot, blueberry, raspberry
  • Herbal salt flakes
  • Chilli salt – Hans Peter grows his own chillies in the greenhouse
  • Raspberry ginger salt
  • Hunter salt for game dishes 
  • Blueberry syrup and elderflower syrup
  • Swiss pine schnapps
  • Various incense blends

All these products are made by us with much love and can also be purchased by our guests.


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