The ice cave in Werfen

A world beyond sunlight

It is amazing that this huge cave was nearly unknown until the end of the 19th century. At best, it was known to hunters and other poachers. But that changed in 1879 when the Salzburg naturalist Anton von Posselt-Czorich advanced far into the darkness of the cave and found the giant ice world.

After the First World War, pioneering expeditions of the kilometre-long labyrinths opened up the cave more and more. Today, guided tours in the cave are offered that really make you marvel at the dimensions of this cave. The guided tour lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes. You will be fascinated by this unique, unknown world beyond the light of the sun!

All in all, you should plan for 3 hours, as access and the cable car ride have to be added to the tour itself. So: pack warm shoes and warm clothes, because even in summer the temperatures are decently below zero in this cave! At the entrance you will be given a miner’s lamp – and you are ready to explore.

No question about it: this is definitely an extraordinary place to visit! After all, it is the longest ice cave in the world with a total length of 42 km!


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