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Waste management

Avoidance, reduction and recycling

We implement active measures for sustainable waste management aimed at avoiding, reducing and recycling waste. Bin boxes can be found in the corridors of the rooms where our guests can separate their waste. We give preference to local retail when shopping, instead of internet retail to avoid packaging waste.

We avoid food waste as far as possible in our meals (through precise calculation, efficient processing of food, successive replenishment of the buffet as needed, ….). We prefer to buy reusable products instead of disposable and throwaway products (e.g. deposit bottles, fruit/vegetables in reusable boxes, etc.). We also use bulk packaging and consistently avoid portion packs.

Leftover disposal

We have our food scraps professionally collected by organic waste disposal companies and converted into environmentally friendly energy with the help of biogas plants. Likewise, oils and fats are collected professionally and recycled in a resource-saving manner.


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