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Water from the Blausee spring

Drinking water quality from the Hohe Tauern National Park

We obtain our valuable drinking water from the Blausee spring at the entrance to the Obersulzbachtal. The extremely soft water quality in our area is particularly noteworthy. Our water pipes are up to date and regular in-house checks by an accredited testing and inspection agency guarantee carefree enjoyment straight from the tap.

In every hotel room there is a high-quality water carafe with a pine ball for perfect drinking pleasure. The stone pine wood contains many essential oils, and the balls give off a pleasant, woody, warm and homely smell. Enjoy a piece of nature sip by sip.

Hot water

We save valuable water by installing aerators in the washbasins, WC and shower fittings. We use mostly one-handle mixers for this purpose. Our hot water is heated by means of 4 x 1,000 l fresh water modules. This means that it is not necessary to store the drinking water, as it is heated using the instantaneous water heater principle.

The heat for this comes from the heating water buffer tank, which in turn is charged by the heat recovery of our cooling systems and the bio-district heating. The heating system is weather-controlled and regulates itself accordingly. Here, too, we guarantee the best quality through regular in-house checks by an accredited testing and inspection agency.


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