Water Wonderland Krimml

Tracing the miracle of water.

Even if we are surrounded by water: Water always remains a mystery. It’s amazing, for example, how water has managed to make its way through mountains and stones over the centuries. But water also has an immense power that one can only marvel at, for example when it majestically rushes down a mountain in a waterfall.

So it’s only logical that the wonder of water should be the theme of the WasserWunderWelt Krimml. These are located directly at the entrance to the Krimml Waterfalls. There, a lot is told about the miracle of water in three parts: The House of Water, the Aqua Park and the Multivision Cinema.

Water is virtually traced here, from its origin to the Krimml Waterfalls. But the element of water can also be discovered in a very basic manner, mostly in a playful and creative way. The “biotope” also invites you to relax and swim.

In the multivision cinema, water is impressively presented in all its power, both visually and acoustically.


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