Yoga & Balance

In harmony with yourself

Gentle yoga exercises, stretching and lengthening, refreshing yourself with clear morning air and energy – this is how the day can begin. It’s not important to get into the most impossible contortions or to stand on your head for hours, what is important is to feel good, be mindful and get in touch with yourself.

Our yoga teacher Ulli Lang is a mother, a passionate grandmother and a yoga teacher at heart. Ulli was born and raised in beautiful Neukirchen. After training as a yoga instructor in 2008, she holds yoga classes several times a week in our village. In 2015 she completed her yoga teacher training at the Sivananda Yoga Centre in Reith near Kitzbühel, and in 2020 she took further training in the Westerwald to teach Vinjasa Flowyoga.

Every Tuesday morning in summer, she is waiting for you on the new yoga deck on the terrace to start the day together with you in a mindful way. 



“Everyone can practise yoga as long as they breathe”.

About 20 years ago I took part in a yoga course and was immediately fascinated by the way to relax, to feel myself and to experience a long-forgotten body awareness again. I liked to immerse myself in silence and to centre the mind through the breathing exercises.

I am looking forward to guiding you into the day with yoga and mindfulness once a week.

Yours Ulli


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