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Yoga & Balance

in nature - with nature

Strengthen the body, calm the mind and touch the soul in a flowing dynamic way. Support a healthy posture and start the day with vitality, spirit and wealth. Be conscious – with yourself and what is in the present moment. Connect – and follow your own impulses with mindfulness.

Once a week our yoga expert Heike accompanies you on an delightful yoga session on our sun deck into the day. Connect body, mind and soul into one, re-align yourself and enjoy all the wonderful answers that fall naturally into the day.

Yoga with Heike: once a week according to the notice board, when the weather is dry - meeting point on our cosy sun terrace.



Set your thoughts aside for a moment, reconnect in a gentle way and get in touch with nature. Yoga not only has a positive effect on your inner well-being, it also promotes your flexibility and strengthens your core muscles.

Looking forward to a date with you ♡
Heartily Heike

... an now, please enjoy


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